Welcome to the Show

If you're looking for unique and original music with a high-energy live performance then you've come to the right place, friend. Enter Someday Heroes. This group of guys came together to write good catchy songs that people could both relate to and get stuck in their heads. Simple melodies and stories that will have you listening, dancing, laughing, and singing along over and over! You have to go out and see the live show. The comment heard most about a Someday Heroes live show is "FUN!" Take a look around and listen to what we have, if you like what you see and hear, then go ahead and share it! Hope to see you at a show having the time of your life with us!

Upcoming Events


11/22/2016 - Someday Heroes goes to the studio December 5th! We'll be recording 6 of our new original songs, look for an album in 2017!

02/01/2016 - We've added an events calendar to the page. Now you can see all the shows we've got booked for the near future, as well as a handy Google map should you get lost on your way to come rock with us!

01/15/2016 - Welcome to the new website for Someday Heroes! We've got new features being added every week, so please explore the site, contribute your favorite SH photos and videos, and feel free to contact the band to let us know what you think!